The Vision

by Akira Press

The Vision

Are Hip Hop Rappers and Reggae DJs The New Poets of our time?
Akira Press is publishing a new series of books based on the lyrics of individual Hip Hop Rappers and Dancehall Reggae DJ's. All the major Rappers and DJs will be featured in this new and exciting poetry series. This is a treasure for all poetry lovers and those who are coming to this new art form for the first time. 

New Experimental Fiction
Writers from the UK, America, Africa and the Caribbean are featured in this series of New Experimental Fiction. 

Akira Press Poetry Series
The featured poets in our new poetry series are no longer echoing or imitating old alien art forms but are creating new and vibrant ways of articulating their experiences, hopes, doubts and victories. 

Akira Press Children Books Series
Colour illustrated series of Children Stories and Poems, featuring Classical Oral Literature, folk tales and new children fiction. 

Classics from some of our best writers from around the world are reprinted in a beautiful paperback edition. Over 50 titles are featured in this new series of reprints. 

Akira Press Audio Book Series
The Audio Book Series feature all the poets, DJs and Rappers.


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